What is a Comedy Hypnosis Show?

Comedy hypnotism has come a long way. There are still a few creepy guys (usually with bad facial hair) making people cluck like chickens and generally being mean, but modern shows are different, classier and much more fun!!


It always starts with a short introduction by the hypnotist. This can a matter of minutes or longer. The intro or “pre-talk” gives the audience a better chance to understand what is about to happen. It gives the hypnotist time to build trust and to set some ground rules and expectations. It can be quite short, but depends also on the crowd and how much “warming up they need”. Some hypnotists use a warm up act as well.


Then, the hypnotist will ask for people to volunteer to be hypnotized. Frank Lee only uses genuine volunteers, and never hand picks people from the audience


The volunteers are put through a process called hypnotic induction, where they become increasingly and automatically responsive to the suggestions of the hypnotist. There are lots of different techniques used in hypnosis. Old fashioned cliches like swinging watches and spirals aren’t really necessary and are usually a sign that the hypnotist lacks imagination. Frank Lee uses a highly entertaining instant spoken induction, which causes the volunteers to enter a hyper-suggestible state within seconds!


The hypnotist will then lead the volunteers through a series of skits and gags, getting them to do silly stuff, hilarious to watch, and amazing to their friends in the audience.The choice of gags and skits is really what makes the show. Frank Lee is careful to keep things light, fun and silly. He avoids things that would be embarrassing for most people to do and he doesn’t act arrogantly or with meanness.
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